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If you don't like cartoons, then you probably don't like rainbows.
KICK-ASS has 2 definitions found in Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English @2003
1. Aggressive, Forceful | 2. Very effective

SEASON 18 begins September 24, 2014 !!! :- looks like I got some catching up to do )~

CONGRATS SHOUT-OUT for South Park's 13th Emmy Nom. for "Black Friday"
And South Park Website has offically gone to "...Mr.Hankey"! JUST BUY THE DVD/BRay! { see on Right >>> }

"Long Live Kenny!" May the Dark Days of Death stay behind him!
Since I am way behind, I don't know if Kenny has died ever again... Ha Ha, Who the fuuck cares? Call 1-800 DO.I.CARE?
:- look below for the Bumper Sticker - from the Mind of BEEB )~

Where have those freaky-peeking-DiamondHeads disappear to? Has the Producer that used to insert them gone from SPStudios?
I hear they are in ALASKA!

KICK-ASS Phrase is becoming more and more less a cuss word. Network TV, CBS, airs a show slinging the phrase without any "bleeps".
PS: any "ideas" given to South Park Studios or M&T from here are totally FREE for your use!

Have you seen CARTOONS KICK bumper sticker on the roads?
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more people have been here than the number of people sad for Robin Williams... ( I am one of those )

from the mind of Beeb from the mind of Beeb from the mind of Beeb from the mind of Beeb from the mind of Beeb
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